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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Snow Snow!

It’s snowing outside today. I don’t know how many inches of snow but it’s really thick in front of our house. But, you cant stop my husband to go outside. So, we decided to have our dinner in the restaurant. After we ate, I practiced driving in the road with snow. Gees! It’s my first to drive in a freeway where there’s a big snow. At least, it’s not slippery or else I’ll have a hard time driving in the road. I enjoyed it though. LOL! I think it’s fun. Hopefully, I will be fine driving when my hubby is not beside me. I’ve heard in the news that the cold weather will remain for a long time. Gees! It’s going to be problem for me since I have a second hand car with no enough heater. I hope I could find a real job soon. So I don’t have to worry anymore about paying some bills and having a wreck car. Hehehe!


imelda said...

soon ul fulfill that wish of having a job. happy new year!

anab01 said...

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