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Saturday, September 19, 2009

2nd Wedding Anniversary

This is what I got from my hubby in our 2nd wedding anniversary last weekend. I was very happy when hubby told me that we would be going to the jewelry store to buy the necklace that I wanted. You see I’ve been wishing for this necklace for a long time. And fortunately, he gave it to me in our anniversary. While, I just bought this estee lauder perfume for him with cards of course. Plus, it has free makeup kit on it. LOL! Well, I told him I’ll buy him a wristwatch but he doesn’t want any gifts from me. So I took advantage of it. Funny me! Just kidding! Anyway, we had a great anniversary celebration together. We went to Henry Ford Museum for the first time of my stay here in the US. In our special day, we had a dinner in a very nice Italian restaurant in haggerty road. We meet a couple that’s also a Filipina. Everything was really perfect for both of us. Hopefully, god will bless us more years being together, good health and more love. Chucks! Anyway, that’s all for now. I guess I need to lie down for a moment watching my favorite TV channel. Have a nice weekend everybody.


texas_sweetie said...

congrats and happy anniversary to both of you day! nice gift. it feels good when you wish for something and hubby just give it to you with no hesitation!

joy said...

hi joy! happy 2nd wedding anniversarry! wishing you a continued happy, fruitful union with your hubby. ang sarap naman ng dinner... i love italian cuisine.

ruby said...

nice! happy anniversary joy!!