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Friday, July 10, 2009

Got a Haircut!

I went to my friend today to go with me for a haircut. I need a haircut since my hair was getting longer each day. I look like an old maiden woman who needs some trim care. LOL! That’s what my friend told me. However, my husband loves my long hair. I wonder why he doesn’t want me to cut my hair. Well, it’s too late already. I made it cut shorter. Right now, he doesn’t talk to me. Gosh! Hope he understand it. Gosh! I’m pretty sure he’ll talk to me after I give him a back massage. Hehehe! At least, I don’t have to suffer from sweat because I got a long hair. It’s really a pain the ass to shampoo it. I also could see the split ends in the tip of my hair. So it’s really a good decision that I went to the salon today.

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Anonymous said...

Sheesh! Grow it out again, and enlist his help. I fully understand why he is upset. We guys just LOVE sexy long hair on a woman, and don't understand the cuts at all. So many woman get huge chops after marriage. Tain't fair! lol Ron