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Monday, May 25, 2009

I Missed It!

My husband and I went to the mall yesterday after having some talk with his dad. We thought all malls were close every Memorial Day. But, we are wrong. I’m just disappointed because I wasn’t able to shop at my favorite store. We arrived there around 4 o’clock and eat at the food court. I think we spent an hour just by eating and another 30 minutes inside the coffee shop. That’s the reason I missed my shopping. The store closes at exactly 6 in the afternoon. It’s really very early. It’s probably because it’s Memorial Day. They supposedly close around 9. I really blame my hubby for spending time in the coffee shop. I could have bought the dress that I was eyeing for a long time. Gees! At least, he offered to go with me in the mall again this weekend. Or else, I’ll kick his ass. I’m just hoping I could still find that dress. I’ll see!

1 comment:

Imelda said...

hahaha, hes just scared ul kick his ass, lol!i was here sister, se ya!