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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Luck Yet!

I’ve been applying for jobs online. But, I don’t know why I never have luck yet. I’m just wondering if this is due to the economic crisis we are facing lately. Or maybe, they need somebody who has some work experience in the U.S. Unfortunately; I don’t have any experience working here yet. Though, I do have some interviews from employers last year. In fact, two employers hired me but my husband can’t drive for me going to the workplace. It’s a conflict of his work schedule. That’s why I tried to practice these driving stuffs so I can drive myself. Gosh! Life is so hard. It’s not like in the Philippines where you can only ride a bus going to the places you wanted. Sigh! I better stop thinking about it. It’s only giving me headaches.


RoseLLe said...

parang i can relate to that...dito din eh :) dito na rin akong natutong mag drive...dahil kailangan.

SHIMI said...

nice to be here

mela said...

try calling the companies you sent an application online to make some follow might land an interview and even get hired. good luck on your job hunting :-)