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Friday, April 17, 2009

My Apology!

Guys, I apologize for not dropping back to your respective blogs. We don’t have Internet connection for about two days. We just got it back tonight. The reason we don’t have connection is that somebody stole the AT&T cable in our neighborhood. It really pisses me off since I missed all my daily routines here. Plus, I hate thefts. They just can’t stop stealing other’s property. Grrrr! I hope the police will catch them next time. It’s really irritating. I’m sure you’ll get pissed too. I even recall last year, they also stole a new refrigerator in our neighbor next door. But, they never get caught. Well, they are really experts for that work. Frankly, I’m afraid sometimes but I constantly pray for our safety. I’m sure God will never forsaken us. Anyway, That’s all for now. See you later. I'll be dropping EC tonight.

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joy said...

i thought stealing cable happens in the Philippines only, it is something that occur in the states pala. well, times are really hard but that is never an excuse for stealing something from others. well it's a good thing , your back to the blogging world.!