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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Online Shopping!

Yesterday, I did another online shopping again. Glad that I didn’t have to pay for the shipping. Though, I’m very disappointed since the dress I like most was not available anymore. Gosh! I was too late. Well, I just choose another style, which you can find in the pictures above my post. It’s not really my favorites but I think I can use the red one for special occasions like parties. What’s important I got my sexy leggings. LOL! I can pair it with long blouses, too. Hopefully, both the dress will look good to me. Or else, I’ll start exercising to make it fit good for my body. Sigh! It’s very hard to be chubby. LOL! Just kidding! Anyway, I hope the package will arrive this Friday so I could use my dress for the party this coming Saturday. Gosh! I wish! Well, let’s see! It’s still Wednesday.

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Mharms said...

hello joy, i love online shopping also. i make it sure na available ang size na gusto ko for me coz it is difficult to return the items.