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Friday, February 20, 2009

Shopping Day!

My friend and I finally went to the mall together. It was a great time for us. At least, we were able to do some shopping. I just bought 1 pair of shoes and blouse. But, I really like the style of the blouse I got today. It’s cute and stylish. I can’t wait to wear it this Sunday. LOL! Funny me! Well frankly, it inspires me more every time I wear sexy blouses and dress. I am more determined to lose weight than having big clothes in my closet. Hopefully, I’ll still lose 10 more pounds so I am more confident. That way I could wear size 0 this summer. Hehehe! Wish me luck! All I have to do is continue my daily routine- exercise and diet. Gosh! This journey is really hard. But, I’ll try my very best for own health.

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