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Friday, February 27, 2009

It's getting better!

I’m getting confident with my driving now. Yesterday, I drove to the restaurant and grocery store. My husband just instructs me where to go. And, I’m glad I did it. Thanks God! I really want to get my drivers license as soon as possible. Hopefully, two weeks from now, I’ll have the guts to take the road test. LOL! I’m getting excited but nervous. I never practice parallel parking yet so it would be hard for me. I’ll see what’s going to happen. I probably urge my husband to teach me doing parallel parking before I take the test. But, it’s better for me to try. That way I’ll know what’s on the test and correct it afterwards. I don’t care if I pass or not. What’s important I tried and learn from it. I could still get a re-take test anyway. Gosh! I wish I’d get my drivers license before the summer. Help me God! Please, please, please and please. You know how much I need it.

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Mharms said...

Hello joy, I am also working on my driving practice. So far I tried driving on highways but not on the Interstate pa :) Like you, I haven't tried parallel parking yet. I am eager to learn how to park well too.
You can do it..confidence and focus lang talaga kelangan :)