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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another day at the mall!

My husband and I went to the mall today. He was very generous. LOL! He bought me jacket and manicure set. The jacket was really nice. And, it was on sale. It’s really a good timing. I like it since it makes me warm. I’ve been browsing for jackets online but at last I got it inside the mall. It’s better than shopping online. I could fit it. Luckily, it looks good for me. It’s a little shorter though. I want those long jackets that would warm my legs too. But anyway, I still like it. I’m already satisfied with it especially my husband was the one who choose for me. Next time, I’ll be shopping for another blouses and pants. I need it this summer- when I got work. Hehehe! Anyway, that’s enough folk. I better sleep now. See you tomorrow.

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