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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sinugba- Grilled Fish

I saw this picture while browsing online. In my dialect, we call it “Sinugba” means grilled fish. Usually, we have this dish when we go to beach. We make sauce made of vinegar and soy sauce. But, I like it more when I put some chili pepper on it. It’s spicy and yummy. I am drooling for this dish right now. LOL! I’m sure most of the Filipinos love this dish. Of course, it’s yummier if we cook some sweet potatoes and unripe bananas with it. Hmmmm! Yummy! I already missed it. What I love most in the Philippines is that we can buy fresh fish in the market. When I got here, I don’t find any market that sells fresh fish. I would be glad if I find one in our city. I really want to cook grilled fish. Or, I just have to wait till I have my vacation in the Philippines so I could get one. Hopefully, it will happen sooner. I’m pretty excited right now. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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