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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just an update!

This is my update regarding my weight loss journey. But, I’m not happy about it. LOL! You probably want to know why. Well, I was pissed when I found out I only lose half a pound for 1 week. It’s not a big deal for you. But, it is for me. I exercise everyday for about 45 minutes but I don’t understand why I never lose even 2 pounds. What the heck! Last week, I lose 2 pounds but how come I lose ½ pound this week. I’m really confused. Please somebody help me what I need to do to lose at least 2 pounds a week. I feel hopeless right now. I even started to eat veggies and fruits. Gosh! Maybe, my metabolism is very slow. That’s why I never lose enough pounds. I envied my husband who easily loses weight even if he doesn’t workout. Sigh! Now, I wanted to quit. I’m sorry if it sounds that I’m whining in my post. I just want to pour all my frustration here. My husband advices me to lift heavy weights so I would build muscles and lose more weight. And, I might try it. Hopefully, it will work for me.


Hapi said...

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Sweetiepie said...

Dai take it easy, just think positive and do the best you can. stop sa sugar, drink more water, no soda, eat light, no snacks too much and no meal after 6pm. daun kon mag exercise ka make sure na not the same everytime you do it. every sesion you have to do it differently. example today you are going to do pilates for 30 minutes, tomorrow earobics, the next day yoga, or whatever you`re helps jud na dai, daun kon mo snacks ka make sure nuts k permi ka busog permi bisan nag snacks raka or fruits and veggies like carrots and brocolli.

kreations said...

Well here is a small ray of hope. If you are overweight, then you were slowly but consistenly gaining weight every year. Now your holding stead instead of gaining. YAY for you!
Now just find a few more things you can change out to lose weight. For example you might add drinking one full glass of water before a meal and until you've worked up to all three and snacks. Then start making sure your plate looks like it is half veggies and then then other half carbs and protiens.

GAGAY said...


thank u sa advices and ideas..heheh!actually po, blogger xa..pinoy din..we met in the blogosphere,,exchanging comments.. private and SMS..heheh!

inde p nmn kame eh!heheh!