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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm sad!

I am really sad today. My niece was admitted to the hospital due to convulsion. My sisters told me that she got sick a couple days ago. And just yesterday, she was having a seizure. This was common to babies who have high fever. When I was still a baby, I always confined to the hospital because I have convulsion almost every week. That is what my mom told me. Luckily, they listened to the old folks that I should be sold to a healthy family. They just get the money to buy a candle. They bring the candle to the church and pray for me. And, it’s really working. After they sold me, I seldom get sick. Anyways, I’m really sad because my grandfather and niece were confined in the hospital. Hopefully, they will get better soon most importantly my little niece. I’m worried since according to my sister their neighbor’s child got dengue. I pray that she only have a fever. God forbids! It’s really hard if you’re away from home. You can’t sleep well thinking of their condition. I know God is good. He will heal them.


anna said...

hope they get better soon :) cyberhugs to you and your family

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iceah said...

how is your niece doing? c:

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