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Friday, January 16, 2009

Healthy Lifestyles

I’m sure all of us wanted to live healthy lifestyles but sometimes there’s something hinders us to do it. Well, there are various reasons why most of us never get what we expect. We never plan it well, which makes us quit easier. Sometimes, we are not aware of what is really the right formula to lose weight. It’s common sense- proper diet and exercise. Yeah, it’s easy words to say but hard to do. Like me, it’s hard for me to follow and fight all my cravings. But, I know we can do it if we’re really determined to lose weight. However, there are things we should keep in mind on how to keep it off a long term. This is what I’ve seen from people who have successfully lost their weight.

Here’s what I notice:

-They eat three meals a day and 2 snacks a day. Of course, they never skip breakfast.
-They always have fruits and vegetables in their grocery list.
-They still consume fats- good fats like peanuts, avocados or any monounsaturated fats.
-They always eat snacks but a healthy one such as yogurt, nuts, celery and cheese.
-They eat balance meals, which makes their metabolism works efficiently.
-Have time to exercise- an exercise that they enjoy most and can sustain over a lifetime.
-They have a balance diet that features a healthy amount of protein balanced with lots of high-quality” slow carbs”.
-Positive minds- they never quit and most of them tend to stay slim forever.

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