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Monday, December 1, 2008

Top 10 Droppers for the month of December

Today is the first day of December. That means I need to acknowledge my top 10 dropper for the month of November. It’s about time to thank my droppers who never get tired of dropping my card. Guys, thank you so much for all your efforts. I really appreciate it. And, I apologized if I wasn’t able to drop back your blogs yesterday. I really can’t sign in to my account. Hopefully, you’ll understand it. But, I promise to make it up for you. I might be giving a little bit of Entrecard credits to the top 5 droppers. It’s not that big but at least it will add up. LOL! Once again, Thanks so much for all the droppers. Keep on dropping until you drop. Just joking!

Top 10 Droppers:

Trade Forex Online-31
Our Journey to Forever-31
Kuerdas! -31
Lainy's Musings-31
What a bald guy told me about -30
Melissas Jewelry and Gem Blog-30
Metallman's Reverie-30
Artbeat Inspirations-30
Creative Cafe-29

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