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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not Much!

It’s very cold today. The snow started to accumulate about 3 inches. But, it doesn’t hinder us not to go to the restaurant. We supposed to go to the Christmas party but it never happened anymore. We just went to the Mongolian restaurant and rent some DVD’s from Blockbuster store. And, we also went to the jewelry store where my husband bought my wedding ring. It needs to be inspected to be sure that the diamonds is not loose. Then, we went home and watched the movies we rented. I never bothered to look for my emails or Opportunities online. I was really tired and want to relax. I need to concentrate with the movies. The movies are very scary. I love watching suspense, love stories, comedy and scary movies. My husband was weird since he let me choose the movies I want. Of course, I prefer scary movies since it’s very cold. LOL! Just kidding! Well, we have so much fun together. That’s what matters most for me. Hopefully, we can rent another DVD’s next week.

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