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Monday, December 29, 2008


A very good friend of mine tagged me with something that asks you to list “4 answers.” Actually, I want to apologize to bingkee for posting this tag very late. I was quite lazy these past few weeks. No wonder I’m getting fat. But, at least I manage to make it today. LOL! Anyway, I really appreciate for including me in this tag. You are such a thoughtful friend. Thanks for remembering me. Even though, we never seen each other in person, I feel you’re a cool friend. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed making this tag. Advance Happy New Year to you and your family.

Places I would like to visit and why:

1.) Niagara Falls, Canada- I’ve been longing to visit this place someday. I think this wonderful place is ideal to lift your spirits and indulge your senses.
2.) London, United Kingdom- I really want to see the historic monument “ Tower of London”.

The royal palace and a prison for high status and royal prisoners. LOL!

3.) Hongkong, China- when I was still in the Philippines, I dream to visit this country. One of the most densely populated areas in the world.
4.) Cancun, Mexico- I envied my friends who were having a great time in this place. Someday, my husband and I will have a vacation in Cancun. I wish!

Favorite things to munch on:

1.) Peanuts- any kinds of peanuts as long as it taste good. LOL! I love it!
2.) Banana Split- I can’t help not to crave for it.

3.) Strawberry cheesecake- I just found out how yummy it is. Love it!
4.) Chocolates- One of my favorites. LOL!

Favorite sites for online shopping:


4 things you have to get done this weekend

1.) Buy some goodies at the Filipino Store.
2.) Buy a winter jacket.
3.) Send the gifts to the Philippines.
4.) Pay the bills.

4 things that pop up when you Google my name

1.) Free artist Portfolio at
2.) Jack Russells Art for sale
3.) Art Listing (
4.) Flicker Photo stream

I would like to tag 4 peepz to post their 4 favorites:

1 comment:

Lou said...

Hi Joy, I'm sure you'll love Niagara Falls. We've been there 2 years ago and we still want to visit it again. :-)