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Friday, December 12, 2008

Craving for Chicharon Bulaklak

You might be wondering why I posted a picture that looks very yummy today. Well, I think some of you already know what’s in the picture. Right! In the Philippines, we call it Chicharon Bulaklak. And, when I got here, I was shocked since it’s also called Chicharon at the Mexican bakery. I guess we derived the term chicharon from Mexican who went to the Philippines many years ago. I am craving for chicharon right now. In fact, we will be going there tonight for a dinner and of course buy a couple of chicharon, too. It’s in the downtown and quite far from here. But, it doesn’t hinder us not to have a dinner there. It’s almost a month since the time we tasted chicharon. LOL! Hubby doesn’t eat fatty meat but he cant resist chicharon. He loves it. I was teasing him that where’s the man who never eat fatty meat now. He was just laughing. Even me can’t resist the juiciness of the skin and meat. I remember when I was still in the Philippines we used to buy a whole bag of Chicharon in the market. My mom would ask for a cheap price for each chicharon. Then, the vendor would give us discounts if we purchase a whole bag of chicharon. And, of course we will take advantage of it since it’s cheaper than buying pieces. Gosh! I can’t wait to eat chicharon right now. No wonder I never lose weight. Hehehe!

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bingkee said...

Sarap nito....I'm craving it now.