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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yema Balls! Yummy!

I cook yema balls yesterday. It turns out good. I put peanut and slide it with sugar. Anyway, I’ll give a bit description to those who doesn’t know what’s yema balls yet. Yema Balls is very popular sweet stuffs in the Philippines. It’s only a very simple recipe. All you need is a condense milk and ground peanuts. That’s it! And, cook it in the pan stirring occasionally. But, I guess it’s not good for people who had diabetes. LOL! It’s really sweet. Imagine eating a condense milk with peanuts. This is not also good to those who want to lose weight. Maybe, you can have one bite of balls.

1 comment:

Babette said...

This is my favorite. I have not eaten this for years! Kakagutom naman. LOL