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Monday, November 10, 2008

Too Early

Yesterday, I was shocked when my husband showed me the snow outside our house. I can’t believe that we had snow that early. If I can still recall, we got it after thanksgiving last year. I was very excited since that was my first time to see a snow. But, it was opposite to what I feel right now. I was really worried since I never take my road test yet. As what I’ve heard, you’ll be having a hard time driving when it is snowing. Gosh! I might able to endure the cold but not being stocked in the house for another 4 months. I might be crazy if it happens. LOL! I’m sorry if I rant again. Please forgive me! Yeah, I admit I made mistake. This could not have happen if I was practicing the first month I receive my driving permit. If I can only repeat the time, I would really do it. Well, it’s too late already. All I wish right now is strengths and confidence. Strengths that I will able to use in the times of trials and ordeals. Hopefully, God will answer my prayers. Sigh!

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Bingkee said...

Driving in the snow takes much a little bit more caution. Much slower speed and more time on decelerating on the brakes before actual braking. Go practice in the weekends Joy with your hubby . I'm sure he's off by those days. I was able to practice only on weekends with him but I got a real instructor coz I can't stand my hubby's panicking and yelling when I'm driving. An instructor should not be expensive. Besides if your hubby cannot really take you out practicing, it's really a must to get an instructor. In my area, I paid $40 each 1 hr session and I get to have 2 sessions each week plus one whole afternoon of practice during the weekend w/ hubby. You'll really get stuck all day at home if you don't know how to drive even in the summer.
You only have to overcome your fear if you also have the goal and will to achieve what you really want to do. Ako kasi natatakot rin but because I'm focused on passing my test for 1 time only and be able to drive, I overcame my fear and passed the driving test one time with no struggle. Easy-peasy!
Pray for confidence and let the Holy Spirit help you overcome your fear.