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Monday, November 17, 2008

Stop that jiggle arms!

I’m sure most of you don’t want to have a jiggle arms. It’s not really nice to show off those arms in the public. I was even dreaming to get sleek and firm arms all my life because I want to wear sexy sleeveless. But, I’m not lucky enough to get pretty arms. LOL! I was born a big a women. And, I lose some weight before. It’s really expected to get a jiggle arms. Enough for the Alibis! At least, I found a solution for my problems. Want to know the solution? Well, it’s not a diet pills or any potion. It’s a workout routine for attaining tighter arms. But, you should remember that you wouldn’t attain sexy arms if you don’t balance everything. Proper diet is still important for this secret formula. You will not get the desire weight you want if you never follow proper diet and exercise. It’s the same thing with your arms, too.

Here’s the workout routine to follow:

A1. Fitball Supine Triceps Extension
A2. Barbell Double Biceps Curl
B1. The Triceps Extension
B2. The Biceps Curl

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