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Saturday, November 22, 2008

I missed my uniform!

I got this picture when I was browsing for documents. This photo was taken 3 years ago while I was about to leave to work. I already missed my work and uniform. Funny me! I was still a little bit slimmer with this picture. Hopefully, I’ll be like this in a couple of months. LOL! Well, I still recall the times where I work hard just to enter the service. The training is not easy for me. But, for 4 months of hardship, I was able to make it. I had my goal that I can enter the service for the sake of my family. I was assigned away from my family but I was able to handle it. Thankfully, my request for re-assignment that time was approved. I was living at Masbate for almost a year. I’m still very thankful that my boss and coworkers were very nice to me. It was really a great experience to work with them. I was able to adopt their styles, food and dialect. There was one incident that I was crying and shouting since I don’t want to climb up the tall building for rappelling. Our superior was joking at me about my enlistment in their city. If I still recall, there was even a time that he gave us a couple of chili pepper to chew. I almost fell that time. But, anyway, I did able to fight for all the trials and challenges. And, I’m missing it right now. Sigh! These pictures will always reminds me of all my struggles those times. I will cherish it for the rest of my life.


bingkee said...

U look good in ur uniform.

Jacky said...

wowow..... sis nag soldier ka ba ? bkit nakauniform ..

Carlota said...

wow- salute to you. you look good with your uniform.

jenn_US said...

wow i would never thought that once in ur life you have been a law enforcement person! you look too ladylike to do the job but u know what, you look good in ur uniform and i salute you for doing that hard job before.