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Thursday, October 30, 2008

They celebrate my birthday without me

Two days ago, my sister and I talked online. She just says, “ Thank you” since she already received the money I send her. Plus, she let me how they celebrate my birthday in the Philippines. As what she said, they cook Lechon (Roasted Pig) and bought a birthday cake. Funny! They went to the beach to celebrate my birthday. And, I found out that my parents cried because I’m not there with them. I was touched. My family really missed me. How I wish I could afford to purchase a ticket that day. I might able to see my father cry. LOL! Anyway, it’s really hard to be away with your family. The fact that I’m 8500 miles away from home is not really a joke. And, spending for plane ticket this time of economic crisis is not a good idea. My husband wants me to find cheap ticket prices but I don’t think I can find it that easy. I don’t want to enjoy my vacation in the Philippines while my husband was working very hard on his butt. I’m sure my family will understand my situation right now. Hopefully next year, I can visit my family. God knows how much I missed them. I keep my fingers crossed.

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