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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm not a fool!

I received an email from a person I never know and meet. He was asking in the email to give him my phone and fax number. He was telling me that he couldn’t transfer the money without a next kin attached to the fund, which is 5million dollars. Imagine that? And, he was telling me to present myself as a business associate to the decease person as details that I’m the caretaker business associate to Mr. something and his properties. He was telling me that I would be entitled to 40% of this fund for my cooperation in this transaction. He wanted me to reply immediately with my phone number. He must be crazy. I’m not a fool dude. LOL! I’m already pissed off with these people. They keep sending me emails like this. Some emailed me that I win a lotto. Funny! How did they get my email address? I’m just wondering. Well, I’m not yet crazy to get hooked. They cannot get something from me. How can I win lotto that I don’t even bet? I just want to laugh. Sigh!


Maus said...

i have too much received of a kind crazy emails.....nakakastorbo lng sila sa space ng email ko hehehehheeh

bingkee said...

They get their email adds by buying them or either through a third party. Those emails have been there since a few years ago and the way they are written is obviously to scam you.