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Thursday, October 30, 2008

He Surprise Me

A couple days ago, I celebrate my birthday with a little bit of tears. I thought my husband forgets my birthday. He went to work that morning not saying “Happy Birthday”. Though, he kissed me before he goes to work. That’s already the routine every morning. I just want to be greeted. I want him to remember that it was my day. I don’t expect any gifts anymore since he already gave me a diamond bracelet in our anniversary. And, I already told him that we would not spend unnecessary things anymore. All I want is date in the restaurant. But, I was pissed since he arrived about seven in the evening. And, he asked me if I enjoyed my birthday. I answered him, “ I’m not happy with my birthday and I want to celebrate alone”. Though, he was telling me to get ready. LOL! I told him I’m not in the mood to go to the restaurant anymore. So, he told we’d just go to the Dunkin Donut to purchase muffins and banana split. I told him that I won’t get dressed and I’ll wait for him in the car. So to make the story short, he went inside the Dunkin Donut to purchase something. I wait a little bit then he goes out with the women who brought the cake and give it to me. She told me, “Happy birthday” with smiles in her face. Then, my husband says, “ I love you”. I was crying when he told me those words. Gosh! It took me many tears before I realize how much he loves me. Filipina behavior! When we got home, he showed me the cake with a message on it. It says” Happy Birthday my Asawa”. I’ll show you the picture of the cake later.

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