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Friday, September 12, 2008

Stinky Durian

Last night, I asked my husband’s favor to open the durian fruit for me. I was laughing since he can’t stand the smell of the durian fruit. He told me that I’m weird eating those rotten and stinky fruit. Well, he can’t stop me for eating my favorite fruit. We’re going to have trouble if he throws it out. Funny me! I was craving for this fruit for a long time now. Luckily, I found it inside the Chinese store. I’m sure my diet will be ruined for eating the whole fruit. I don’t want to waste anything especially food. How I wish we were near my sister’s house. She would surely eat anything I offer. Gosh! I still recall when I was still in the Philippines. We were having so much fun eating this fruit. My mom will give each one of us 2 pieces and we’re all very satisfied for that. Nobody in the family hates the smell and taste of this fruit. We all love it. Lol! Sigh! I missed them now.


Danah said...

i tried to eat durian many times back home and ends up spitting it out....

*lynne* said...

yeah I miss durian too :) I'm from Malaysia, currently in Chicago. Wrote a durian-related topic recently, perhaps this'll amuse you? < here >