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Monday, September 8, 2008

Nectarin Fruit

Would you believe that I haven’t eaten nectarine fruit in my life? Yeah, you heard it right. I was a little bit curious about this type of fruit. I want to know what it taste like. Luckily, we went to the market today and purchase some fruits and vegetables. I bought different kinds of fruits such as mango, nectarine, grapes, durian and apple. I need to start filling myself with fruits and vegetables. It’s good for my health especially now that I was targetting to lose 10 lbs for the next month. I hope I’ll succeed to my weight goal. Anyway, I just eat one piece of nectarine and it was yummy. I found out that nectarine is a cultivar group of peach that has smooth, fuzz less skin. They belong to the same species as peaches. No wonder it taste like a peach too. However, nectarines are slightly smaller and sweeter than peaches, but with much overlap. The history of the nectarine is unclear; the first recorded mention in English is from 1616, but they had probably been grown much earlier within the native range of the Peach in central and eastern Asia.

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