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Monday, September 1, 2008

My dad and mom

I got an email from my best friend today. She sends me some pictures of her and my family. You probably asked me who were dancing in the picture. Well, that’s my mom and dad. This picture was taken during my niece first birthday party. Aren’t they looked so happy? Yeah, they enjoyed each other’s company. I’m proud to tell you that they’ve been together for almost 31 years. There were times that they almost get separated because of trials and temptations. But luckily, they were able to get through to it. Though, I’m not quite sure what future holds to both of them but one thing is for sure- they love each other. And, that’s the most important part of their marriage. That’s the reason they are still together until now. All I pray to God is to give them good health and happiness. God knows how much I missed my family especially both of you- dad and mom. I know that they can’t read this post I got today. But, at least I can express my feelings here. It’s really hard to be away from your family. Sometimes, it’s killing me. I really do wish that I can afford the expenses for back and forth ticket but sad to say I can’t. Well, all I can do for now is to call and chat them. Lol!

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