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Thursday, September 25, 2008

5 Best Exercise for Attaining a Flat Abs

Want to know how to get a flat and tight tummy? I’m sure everybody does want to get that tight looking Abs. I think you’ll ask me why I came up with this idea. Well, I still recall one time that I was asking my friend how he attained that trim and flat Abs he got. I was really curious since he was not that hunk guy before. He was thin and no muscle as all. To my curiosity, I told him to give me some tips on how to get a flat stomach. I found out he was a gym instructor. No wonder he looks so macho. Lol! Anyway, he told me that I couldn’t attain a flat Abs without reducing a body fat w/c is a calorie-reduce nutrition program and by incorporating weight training and cardiovascular exercise. Holy cow! It’s not that easy. Huh! He told me that he was performing abdominal exercises to help strengthen and tighten his Abs too. He gave me 5 abdominal exercises that really worked for him. I’ll share this to give you some ideas that might help you attain that good-looking Abs.

Here are the 5 Abdominal Exercises:

Bicycle Maneuver
Ab Crunch
Double Crunch
Leg Lift
Reverse Trunk Twist

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