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Friday, August 8, 2008

Triple 8-My lucky day

I would say that the triple 8 is my lucky day. I never thought I could grab 6 opps today from PPP. I'm so thankful to God for the blessings. This is my first time to experience such opportunity. I'm still satisfied even though its not a big amount of money. Now, i can rest my mind and eyes in front of the computer. Gosh! It's hard to be a blogger. I wish that I was intelligent to easily think what I'm gonna write. I'm drained with ideas already. lol! I can't think of interesting post to write. I need time to read books to gain more ideas. I hope all my friend would still visit me. Anyway, thanks so much guys. Have a nice day to all! Good night...


shimumsy said...

good for you. i know there were a lot of opps yesterday. have a good weekend. thanks for visiting me.

Bill said...

WoW i am glad you got a lot because we never do. Hey come check out my new blog and tell me what you think.
Have a great weekend.

Imelda said...

Good for you! Happy blogging, sis.

kapanpun said...

i not have 8 lucky day, but i'm have 9 lucky day, wish you the best