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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Night Out

Last night, I was not able to visit some of the blogs because I was invited for a hang out. My Filipina friends urges me to go with them to the Casino. That was my first time to see a Casino. lol! You can find a lot of people playing inside the casino. It was really crowded. My friend who was a constant player in the casino never wins yesterday. But, she was able to request for a 5 free buffet tickets for us. So that means our dinner was all free. We doesn't pay for anything we eat. lol! We also went to the bar after we eat in the buffet. It was really fun. We enjoy dancing in the dance floor. Gosh! Its nice to have time for enjoyment especially Saturday nights. That's the only day that we can get together. I really wish that we can still hang out in the days to come. Well, I'll look forward to it. lol!

1 comment:

Winnie said...

hihi which one did u go to?