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Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Recipe

I'm glad my husband likes the Afritada I cooked today. He even asked for another plate. lol! At last, I made it right this time. I never thought that he will like it. Thankfully, he compliments my dish. He rarely likes what I cook especially American foods. Obviously, I'm not American that's why I can't guarantee that he'll it. Well, I'm not also a very good cook. So, he should understands that. Perhaps, I can follow the recipes online. But, not to the point that i'll do it perfectly. Anyway, I'll gave you my Chicken Afritada recipe. And, i'll post the pictures later.

- A can of tomato sauce
-2 pounds of breast Chicken
-Green bell pepper
-Salt & Pepper
-Green peas

- Sautee the garlic and chopped onion.
-Put the chicken cubes and sautee it until golden brown.
-Put the tomato sauce and a half cup of water.
-Put the green bell pepper, carrots and potato.
-Covered it until its boiled for about 40 mins.
-Put the green peas if you think all were cooked.
-Covered it for another 10 mins.
-Ready to eat.

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