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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Messy House

Its been 2 weeks that I never been able to clean our house. I've notice that its getting messy everyday. Holy cow! My husband was getting grumpy too. lol! I can't blame him since its my fault. I don't have time cleaning the house because you could see me in front of the computer. I don't even cook delicious meal anymore. Gosh! I better cook my husband's favorite Filipino dish "caldirita" tonight. I hope that he'll be happy when he got home. Well, that's life of a housewife. You'll do everything to make your family happy. At least, i make my husband happy.

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Mayet said...

housework!! it never ends right? I just finished my ironing yesterday and now I have to sort out baby K's clothes. I try not to stay long in front of the computer to be able to do my chores..not easy, though!