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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How Jealous Are You?

You Are 45% Jealous

You're a fairly jealous person, but it's nothing to beat yourself up about.

A little jealousy is perfectly normal, though sometimes you take it a little far.

Recognize when jealousy is taking over your life, and try to hold back your impulses.

You'll be a better (and happier) person for it!
Wow, I'm 45% jealous type of person. At least not 100% jealous. lol! I admit that I'm jealous sometimes but not to the extreme. I still recall my experience when i was still single. I was really possesive to my first boyfriend. My day would be hell if he doesnt show up or calls me. I dont even want him to look to other women. That's how worst i am before. Its really a shame! lol! But, i started to change my behavior when i realize that constantly doing it will surely ruin the relationship. I get jealous once in awhile but i dont take it seriously. So how about you guys? How jealous are you?

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