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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Egyptian woman gives birth to septuplets

How would you react if you are giving birth to septuplets? You might be scared. Right? Early yesterday, a 27 year old egyptian woman gives birth to septuplets. She gives birth to four boys and 3 girls weighing between 3.2 pounds and 6.17 pounds and are in stable condition. Imagine! The director says that this is a rare pregnancy he ever witness in over 33 years of his profession. She was even admitted to the hospital two months earlier. The director decided to carry out the caesarian section at the end of Khami's 8 month of pregancy due to the pressure of her kidneys. Luckily, the babies doesnt have any sort of deformities or incomplete organs. I would say that this is really a wonderful gift for them. God is really good. They just asked one boy but God has given them seven beautiful babies. Amazing! huh! So if you want to know the whole story then visit here

4 comments: said...

hi how are you.

Meia said...

wow, seven is a lot. Imagine, some are really wanting and struggling to have just one but they were blessed with 7 in 1.

Anah said...

Wow 7 blessings from God. Such wonderful and inspiring! God Bless them. I'm sure they are overwhelmed but that's truly a blessing.

Thanks for stopping by. Got your link thru entrecard.


armywife24 said...

grabeh se7en,, murag naay meaning .. LOL