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Monday, August 4, 2008

My cravings

Can you imagine me eating chocolate cake as my breakfast? You probably think I’m weird. Huh! I even missed one opportunity because I was busy nibbling a big piece of cake. Lol! Funny me! I was craving for sweets today. That’s why I never hesitate to get one for myself. My hubby doesn’t like eating this kind of crap. It really makes me contented even though it would ruin my weight. I just can’t resist eating junk foods especially deserts. Gosh! Love it! How about you guys? Are you having a hard time to stop your cravings? You might also have the same problems. Lol!


chubskulit said...

I love both of your sites, thanks for hopping by my site..

My husband and kids are very fond of desserts too esp. cake, i do eat sometimes but not very often, sweets is not my thing lol.. Hubby likes to bake... he is born with sweet tooth lol.. runs with his family blood i guess..

here's a sample of their creation.. .. brownies is always present in our home too..



siella said...

mmmmm i love chocolate cakes, i think i can eat the whole cake all by my self LOL. i'm pretty weird myself, i eat just about anything early in the morning with a very cold can of cola.

Madz said...

Likewise, I do eat fresh from our fridge, anything I fancy eating.. chocolate cakes, caramel... no wonder I put on weight this time..

Miss Elle said...

ohh now that I've read your post, I'm craving na tuloy for a caramel cake! hehehe. :)