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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why should your DNA represent mankind?


Guys, how would you feel if your DNA would be sent into the space? That would be great! Huh! Can you imagine that your DNA will be sent into the space to represent humankind and live forever? Cool! I even make my own video giving my reasons why my DNA should be sent into the space. Since, we are talking about DNA. I would like to share a website that sounds very interesting. Operation Immortality is a real once in a lifetime event that will save a history of humanity’s greatest achievement, digitized human DNA and personal messages from people all over the world. So to experience this once in a lifetime event then why not download and play their video game “Tabula Rasa”. You don’t have to worry guys. It’s only for free. The lucky winners will be selected to have their DNA sequences and sent into the space. It’s fun! What are you waiting for? Visit the site and join Operation Immortality: Leave your Mark. Save Humanity.

Sponsored by Operation Immortality

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