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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Birthday Party

Today, my friend invited us for her daughter's birthday party. It was really fun and she prepared a lot of foods. I even forget how many calories i ate. lol! The foods were amazing. I miss eating Filipino foods my dad cooked for us. Luckily, she cooked everything i like. Plus, she make desserts like fruits salad, buco salad, cassava cake and whole lot more. Gosh! Sad thing, i forget to bring my gift for the little girl. What a shame! lol! I think that I was the only one who doesn't give anything. I wasn't able to buy a gift. Well, better luck next time. I hope that she'll understand. At least, we're able to joined the party. Our presence is the most important thing for the party. Last thing, i meet a lot of Filipinos out there. I'm already happy for that.

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