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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bad News

One of my friend chat to me today. I never heard from her for over 2 months. That's why i was wondering what had happened to her. Until, she told me something that really makes me cry today. She told me that her father passed away yesterday. What hurts me so bad is that she can't go home to attend the funeral. She better send the money for all the funeral expenses since going home is very expensive. I can't help but cry until now. It hurts to know that your friend doesn't have the chance to see his father for the last time. Last week, while they were talking in the phone-her father asked her that he will have a goat for his birthday this coming 20th of august. He even asked her to send money for a ticket so that he could see his son. But, it doesn't happen anymore because he was gone. I was really crying when she told me that. At least, she's very strong person. I told her that God is still good. God has plans that will help us more strong. There are reasons for everything. I really pray for her and the family to get through all this trials.

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