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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things we do today

I missed some opps today. We went to the social security office to get my name change in my previous ssn card. Then, i also took my state id card in the SSA office. I never thought we can get the id card. Thankfully, she gets everything she needed including my ssn number. And, she told us we will get the card within 2 weeks. Thanks God! Its been many months that we keep on going back over and over again. At last, we got it now. I was really worried because I was screwed up of that maiden name thing. lol! If i just listened to my husband then it might be easy for us. We also went to the jewelry store to get my bracelet fix. At least, we never pay anymore. I was really excited to go home immediately so i could grab opportunity. But, when we got home- its all gone. I hope that they would still give some for tonight. lol!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the visit. exchange links? please if you dont mind, add me then let me know so that I can add you too. thanks

Array Of Hopes said...

Even if you lost some opps, at least you got your new surname now. Congrats. Have a great day to you Joy
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