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Monday, July 28, 2008

Thanks God

I'm thankful to God for all the wonderful things that he has given me. He was been my strength and guide for all the trials and challenges I've been through. There were times that I almost give up but I was able to fight for it and win my battle. I realized that its just part of life to help you grow even more stronger. If you never experience those negative things that you think the worst moment of your life then you wont learn a lesson. Eventually, this lesson will make you more proud as a new person. That’s why I make it sure that I never forget to thank God each day of my life for all the things I received. Even if its small, bad, good or big things of blessings. What’s important I give thanks to him who owns my life. And, I never regret all the bad things that had happened to me because I know it happens with reasons.

1 comment:

Kgraham said...

I just found your blog today - you are so right about this!!! I hope that your days hold more good than bad these days.