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Monday, July 7, 2008


I still remember when i was still working. My boss was so irritating and very demanding. I feel like- i was his own position. Sometimes, i would think to quit my job. But, its very hard especially if you're working in a government. It wont gonna happen that way. Thankfully, I was able to transfer to provincial office. It was really devastating experience to be in that position. I dont want it to happen again ever in my life. But now, i just saw a site that would let you express what you feel towards your boss through posting a videos. Isn't that amazing? You can now Tell Your Boss Off your chest by making your own video. But, i don't recommend you doing that. Perhaps, you can only tell him that you don't like the way he treated his/her workers. Maybe, that way- he would change a little bit. Right! TellYourBossOff.TV is a new Video Site dedicated to quitting, getting fired, or moving on. Here, you can watch some videos to get ideas and then post your own if you want to. You will also find here, people who vented their feelings towards a mean boss. The above video you would see is really cool. He express it through writing in the paper. Its easy and simple way of expression without that harsh or grudges in his heart. Its one of my favorite because it has positive impact in the end. The boss becomes nicer to his workers after reading an anonymous letter he received that day. So, at least - there was a lesson behind this video. The boss realize his mistakes and changes his behavior. So, if your among the person who wanted to express your feelings and emotions towards mean bosses. Then, this site will give you more ideas on how to do that in a good way. Visit the site now. You might feel better after telling your feelings to your boss by posting a video.

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