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Saturday, July 26, 2008

My friend

This is my friend who celebrated her birthday yesterday. Isn't she pretty? Of course she's pretty. She is still sexy too even she got baby already. She's not only beautiful outside but nice inside as well. I'm really happy to be one of her friends. I wish that our friendship will last forever. Funny me! lol! Well, each one of us want to have a friend that we considered a real one. So, I feel like we are best of friends even if we are not always together. Whats important we talk once in awhile. Thanks retchie for being so nice to me.


Suprihatin said...

You have a great day n happy b'day Now lets issue

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Krishna said...

You posted in my tag the following opinion, "whattah sexy women hope i got body like that hehehe". I think you are quite pretty and the only difference between you and the sexy women celebrities is that you do not "PUNISH YOUR BODY" with dieting, hours of gym, NOT eating what you like etc., to attain a size ZERO, or a perfect 10. I feel they (celebs), have made their bodies into machines that don't have normal life. In fact such life and figures are horrible and they do not have naturally beautiful bodies. So, don't try to spoil your natural beauty. See some natural beauties too in beautiful females.

Lisa said...

hi Joy, agree gyod ko nimo bahin ni Reche, sayang wala ko ka attend sa iyang b-day, thought si Retchel ang ga b-day si Reche diay..Stii hoping kitang tulo mag meet... basta ready na akong baby igawas ug akong bana,hehehe..ulawan akong bana oi di madala ug disco..hehehe