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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Missing My Family

Yesterday, i was so happy chatting with my family. Though, its a weird day for me. But, i was thankful for i got time seeing them on the web cam. Since, its been many months I've never seen them in person. Its killing me! I've been with my parents for a long time. Until, i went here to get married. So, its really hard for me and my family especially my mom. We used to go out together like a sisters. She always complained and crying why I'm too far away. Even, our neighbors would asked me why I'm still with my parents house. Of course, I just cant live without them. But, being too far away from them was really a different story. Its more than sacrificing ourselves. Well, nothing to blame with. I'm already married. I cant stop how i feel. I feel in love with American man who lives far away. You know what i mean guys. At least, i have friends here whom i can visit. It really helps a lot. But, it hurts me every time my mom would beg me to go home. If, i can only afford buying a plane ticket. I would really do. But, we know its hard especially this time of economic crisis. Its not a good idea to have a vacation. All the prices were high racketing. Who could think to take a vacation. Perhaps, to those who can afford and rich people. lol! Anyway, that's life. I need to sacrifice and settle all the things i should do there before having some vacation. I know there's a right time for that. God knows well! I still can wait.

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Imelda said...

sis i already added ur link in my blogroll.