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Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm so glad that PPP approved my biggest payout post. It was $68 for one post and for only 150 words. Gosh! Isn't it great? Fantastic! Hopefully, i still can grab another big payout in the future. Who knows? Maybe, ill be luckier if that happens again. Only God knows! lol! Though, my Internet connection is very slow. But, I'm still optimistic that i can get more opportunities from PPP and SocialSpark. Perhaps, i should exert more effort of making my real rank smaller. So, ill have more chances of getting good payouts. lol! Fingers cross! Wish me luck. I'll just pray that it will happen again. I know God will help to those who strive hard. But, ill still be thankful to God even if i cant catch a fish. Whats important for me is to have good health for my entire family. I'm already satisfied and happy with that. Okay, i have to sleep now. See yah tomorrow my friends. God bless you all!


sweetpea48 said...

congrats on the big payout. Here's to more in your future!

Zombie Money said...

That's awesome :) I'm new and still waiting to be approved I think? :)