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Monday, July 7, 2008

Before & After

I've been ranting in my post lately about my weight gain. I lose the confidence of myself. I'm also afraid to look my own Shadow or even look to the mirror. Ooh! I just don't have the guts to do that anymore. I really miss wearing sexy clothes especially this summer. Gosh! Wish I still can make it. We were planning going to the beach. Though, I'm not wearing bikinis. But, i want to wear shorts and sexy sleeve less. Now, i cant wear them anymore. If i wear it- i will look like a pig wrapped in a plastic. lol! Well, that's life. I'll better start moving. So, i could get back on track again. The above pictures was me taken 2 years ago and last week. Its really different. I'm a little slimmer before than now. Wish, ill get my weight back to 110 lbs. Soon...

This is me when i was still 110 lbs 2 years ago.

This is me a week ago.


Dezz said...

you look sexy joy.. keep it up.

anyway, pls vote my blog as it was nominated as blog idol 08. thanks

Sweet Pea 48 said...

You still look wonderful!

Del said...

You look sexy Joy, yeah its hard to maintain weight, it'a always a challenge :)

Jessica said...

u look great there..not that big..if ur really deermine olose weight, cut down on rice..i mean he karb works. I'm trying to lose some weight myself..all the best of luck and cheers