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Monday, July 14, 2008

Barbecue Time

Today, i was able to cook my favorite barbecue ribs. I requested my hubby to purchase a slab of ribs in the store. I told him i was craving for barbecue ribs. Thankfully, i made it right this time. He like it! He even asked for more ribs. lol! What i did to make the meat tender was that i bake it first for 2 hours. Then, put it on the grill and brushed it with Dave's ketchup. I cook the meat slowly so it will absorb the ketchup. And, I did it successfully. It was tasty and yummy. That's the first time my hubby compliments me. lol! Of course, i was really happy. Actually, he is very choosy in terms of food. That's why i can't believed he praises my work. He keeps bogging me not to give him so much food. He really gains so much weight now. At least, he is 6 foot tall. He is still fine for his weight. Anyway, its nice watching them being happy by what you did. So, i'll care for him not only as a wife but for my love as well.


Lily said...

Thanks for the hop Joyb, appreciate it a lot, got so busy lately in my end.

Well... wishing you a lovely tuesday take care and have fun.

jenn_US said...

wow i love barbeque. yummy.