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Sunday, July 27, 2008

50th Paid Post

I never notice that i already posted 50 paid post at PPP. I'm really thankful my friend introduce me to this blogging thing. Or else, i did not earn a little cash and meet friends from around the world. You know how it feels when you grab an opportunity even if it cost 5 dollar. Whats important you're not having a big zero in a day. You know what i mean. lol! Every time, we grab more than what we wished for that day. We're like we win a lotto. Right! I'm sure that you feel that way too. It really amazing! Our hubby even makes fun with us because our happiness is just so shallow. We easily get happy with simple things. That's why i keep on praying everyday that God would give me opportunity. Thankfully, he will answer my prayers. lol! Funny me! Anyway, thanks so much for PPP for giving me a chance to give my honest opinions of the products i posted. I'm praying that you'll be more successful in years to come.


Lara said...

Thanks for the visit, done adding you to my blogroll, hope you do the same. Thanks and see you around.

doit4_him said...

Good Job! I thank my friend too. Now, I am addicted to blogging. haha!

Brief Sentiments said...

Just take it easy minsan nakaka-addict eh.. hehehe.. Have a great day to you
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Krishna said...

Congratulations on completing 50 ppp's. Wish you get many more 50's. Your well-wisher.

Imelda said...

Am happy for u too, sis. We are all thankful to have blogged and earn. and win friends like u too.