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Friday, June 20, 2008

Timothy the turtoise (UK's oldest resident)

Did you know that Timothy the tortoise known to be the oldest Mediterranean spur tortoise. Imagine! Huh! I never believed when hubby first told me that Timothy tortoise lived for over 100 years. Until, i read an article about this tortoise that captures my attention. Timothy was first found on board a Portuguese vessel 1854. Timothy serves as a mascot on series of Navy vessels until 1892 ( she was ship's mascot of HMS Queen during the first bombardment of Sevastopol in Crimean War ( She was the last survivor of this war). Timothy was believed to be male but later discovered as female when the owner decided timothy should be mate. What captures my attention also was that this tortoise able to recognize people voices and would respond to you. Isn't that amazing? He was also active in summer. You could call him and he would come to you and say hello with strawberry. Cool huh.... Wish i got one of this amazing tortoise as my pet. lol.... Anyway, for more about Timothy the tortoise click here Timothy the tortoise

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