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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hundreds Feared Dead in Capsized Ship

Another sad story, i witnessed in the news today. The MV Princess of Stars passenger ferry, capsized Saturday during the typhoon that hit our very own country "Philippines". Two men who escaped the sinking ship, which was carrying more than 740 people, said hundreds may have died after being trapped in the vessel. So far, 10 people from the ferry were able to made it to the land. Six bodies including those of a man and women who have bound themselves together, have washed ashore, along with children's slippers and life jackets. Ohh gosh! this is terrible. Our fellow Kababayan's might not able to handle this anymore after many challenges that they experience for the past few months with higher prices of food and rice. Here again strike the big typhoon that caused floods and calamities. What we can do now is to pray that there will be large number of person to survive this calamity. I feel so much grief of what had happened. I know our prayers gives a lot of help to those who had suffered the calamity and their families. So guys, let pray together that our fellow kababayan's will endure the problems they encounter now. May God hear our prayers that there would be more survivors in this calamity. For more information of this story please click here Capsized Ship

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